About Jasmine


I love eating… Home cooking, street food, a la carte and everything in between. My blog is a place for me to not only share my fave recipes and reviews of local restaurants, but some of my eating adventures and experiences from far distant lands (and not so far distant lands like NZ).

Just in case you didn’t pick up what I was putting down (^up there^) – I’m a foodie. Self-confessed. Don’t hate.

I live in Melbourne, Australia – an eating mecca and foodies dream. I travel regularly for leisure and foodie pleasure with my number one side kick (the boyf). He’s just as mad about food as I am. We’re slowing eating our way around the world, one croissant at a time.

Follow my love affair with Sunday brunches, roti canai, Mum’s roast, wantan mee, souvlaki, tiramisu, pavlova and much much more.

I look forward to sharing my blog (but not my food) with you!

Jasmine x