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Phewwwwwww! The last four weeks have been a fast and furious blur full of travel, family and (most importantly) food! The Boyf and I have been to Christchurch, New Zealand for a friends wedding, Hobart in Tasmania just ‘cos and of course we’ve been eating ourselves stooopid here in Melbs.

wine-and-oyster-shedWe’ll start with Tassie as we only got back last night and it’s fresh in my mind. Firstly, O-M-G the food. Amazing! Secondly, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that pumped about going to Tassie. It’s not that I didn’t want to go – who doesn’t love a holiday… It’s just I wasn’t that excited. The weather was forecast to be cold and rainy and we hadn’t done much planning on what we were going to do while we were there. Regardless, we jumped on the plane and I’m SO GLAD WE DID. We had an absolute ball in Tassie, spending 4 nights in Hobart and 2 nights at Freycinet National Park. We hired a car the entire time which was the best thing we could’ve done as it gave us the freedom to do what we wanted without the hassle of public transport… And the weather man was wrong, it was beautifully sunny 95% of the time.

Back to the food. We ate like royals. Fresh seafood is in abundance, as is wine and cheese. We spent an afternoon in the Coal Valley hopping between wineries, cheese shops and a cider brewery. Ahhhh-mazing. The photo above is at Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed which we stopped off at on the way back to Hobart after a day at the historic site of Port Arthur. We also indulged in a yummy cheese platter while we were there. A notable mention and a place I highly recommend you go for dinner in Hobart is The Drunken Admiral. We absolutely loved our seafood dinner we had there.

king-of-snakedimitris-souvMoving on to NZ eats. We spent a long weekend in Christchurch for a friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. had a blast, ate and drank too much – the usual. Notable mentions from that trip were King of Snake, where we had an amazing Asian-fusion dinner with friends and the most delish espresso martinis evahhh, and also Dimitiris Souvlaki Truck parked up in the centre of Christchurch. Probably the best souv/kebab I’ve ever had, even though I was forced to eat it in the cold!! As most of you will know, Christchurch suffered a series of devastating earthquakes a few years back but the city is on the mend with a heap of construction taking place. I’m looking forward to visiting Christchurch again in a few years’ time to see its progress.

Right, that leaves Melbs. I had to go to Sunshine for a seminar and had an hour to kill before it started so decided to grab dinner. For those unfamiliar with Sunshine it’s a bustling hub of ethnic cuisines. I saw Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, African and Turkish restaurants just on the one block I walked around. I decided to stop in at Pho Mien a cheap and cheerful pork and spring roll vermicelli dish. It was divine. So good that I took the Boyf back there a few nights later.

pho-hien-saigonI thought I share one of the platters I made us for dinner recently. Although we love to eat out, we also love nothing more than sitting back with a glass of wine and grazing on a delicious platter. Here we have cream cheese, spinach dip, camembert, vintage cheddar, pickled onions, stuffed peppers, piccalilli, a selection of cold cuts, fresh cherries and of course too much Turkish bread. We ate this on the couch and watched a movie – my favourite way to spend a night in on the weekend!

There you have it folks, a selection of my favourite eats from the last 4 weeks. I’m off to Bali this weekend on a girls’ trip so I’ll be sure to take heaps of snaps of all the food we indulge in. I can’t wait!!

Til next time,

Jasmin x



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