Bali Bali Bali


Feeling super relaxed after 5 glorious days poolside in Bali. Lots of swimming, eating, reading and not much else. Sounds like bliss right?

I left the Boyf at home and met up with an old school friend, Mel in Seminyak. Mel had also left her Boyf at home and our goal of the holiday was to do as little as possible and eat as much local food as possible. Coming in to the end of the year we were both slightly frazzled from work and life so we didn’t want to be travelling around sightseeing or filling our days haggling over Balinese trinkets we didn’t really need. Our only aim for the day was to fill our quota at the buffet breakfast then lounge by the pool or beach until we ventured out of the resort for an early dinner in the late afternoon. After dinner we’d get a massage and head back to our rooms for an early night. Usually when I travel I’m always on the go sightseeing and moving around cities or countries so this holiday was one of the most relaxing I’ve ever had.

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