Paleo Treats, Waterfront Walks and Slashed Tyres

Yesterday, boyf and I were visiting our friends and their delightful newborn baby girl in Geelong. For those who may not know, Geelong’s the second largest city in Victoria and about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. We’ve been there many times before as we have a few friends living there, so we’re quite familiar with the city and drive there from Melbourne. We started our drive just after peak hour traffic died down, and arrived in Geelong around 11am. Naturally our first stop was to visit our friends and their new baby girl, Emily. She was absolutely delightful and we could instantly see Mum and Dad were totally besotted with their first child. It was so amazing to hold Emily less than 24 hours after she entered this world. Child birth is such an amazing thing… But that’s a whole other blog post!

After our hospital visit to meet new baby Emily we walked into the city centre to explore coffee options. As we’d had a huge breakfast not long before we left Melbourne, lunch wasn’t on the menu yet. Our friends had recommended we try Bear and Bean which I recalled instantly as I’d seen another friend mention it on Facebook last week. Off we trotted in search of good coffee and highly recommended paleo cakes. If you’re planning a visit be warned – the café is hidden away at the back of a carpark down a small side street – we walked right past it the first time.

bear-and-bean-cafe-geelong great-geelong-cafes

It was about 12.30pm and the café was super busy with the lunch crowd. We managed to secure the last free table and ordered some coffees and perused the cakes on display.


Bear and Bean offer an awesome selection of paleo cakes including raw desserts. All of the cakes looked delicious and it was really hard to choose just one each. I went with the Paleo Cookie Dough Cake and the Boyf chose the Paleo Pear and Walnut Slice. Here’s what they looked like:

paleo-treats-geelong-cafe caffe-latte-geelong

OMG OMG OMG, they were both amazing. The Cookie Dough Cake was a raw dessert made from nuts, dates and coconut cream as the base. It was heavenly. Naturally, I snuck a bite of the Pear and Walnut slice too and it reminded me of a beautiful banana bread consistency, maybe just slightly denser. We were both so surprised to feel full after our coffee and cake but I guess that’s because the treats are made with high quality foods filled with healthy fats. We definitely weren’t going to need lunch for another few hours.

We headed back to the car as the Boyf had some work to do back in Melbourne. What we hadn’t counted on was returning to two slashed tyres on our car. What the?! We’d parked in a 4-hour parking area down a quiet side street and unfortunately the cars next to us had both had their tyres slashed too. Who does that? After having a moan to each other we decided the quickest way to deal with this would be to just get a local tow truck company to tow the car back to Melbourne where we could then get both tyres fixed. What a nightmare! We found Affordable Towing Geelong online and after a telephone quote decided to book them in as, like their name suggests, they were affordable and they said we could both ride back to Melbourne in the Tow Truck with the driver. Unfortunately though, as our towing needs weren’t urgent in nature we had to wait an hour for the tow truck driver to arrive. We decided to head for a walk down by the bay to cool our heads.


The Waterfont was really enjoyable and definitely took our minds off the fact someone had slashed our tyres! The weather was nice and sunny, the water a beautiful blue and there were lots of cool things along the walk to look at. We took some photos of the Baywalk Bollards and some other interesting sculptures. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the car and await the tow truck.

geelong-waterfront waterfront-geelong

Our tow truck driver, Chris was really friendly and made the drive back to Melbourne and the whole experience as painless as possible. We contacted Geelong Police but there wasn’t much they could do for us, especially as we’d already left the scene. The Boyf removed the tyres and took them in for repair and everything is as good as new now… But it was a very costly day for us in the end. Meeting baby Emily and eating delicious paleo treats did help lessen the blow though!

Oh yea, back to the paleo treats – highly recommend Bear and Bean. Hunt them out and try their yummy, healthy treats – they’re amaze and I’ll definitely head back there next time I’m in Geelong.

Jasmine x

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