Reliving Those Penang Moments

I might have mentioned (right here) my love for the delicious food I ate in Penang earlier this year. Well, I’ve found the perfect little restaurant to recreate those amazing foodie moments right here in Melbourne, South Melbourne to be exact. I give you…. Penang Road. A cheap and cheerful Malaysian restaurant hidden beneath a bright neon sign on the bustling Clarendon Street.

The Boyf and I visited last Saturday night and the place was packed with a steady stream of people coming and going (the food turnaround time is super quick here!). I was hanging for some roti canai so we settled on that and salt and pepper chicken ribs as our entrees. The roti here is outstanding, pretty much on par with what I ate in Penang. The crunchy coating of the chicken ribs was really caked on and that took away from the deliciously tender chicken underneath all that coating. Nonetheless it was a lovely start to our meal.

chicken-ribs roti-canai

At Penang Road you can order all types of crazy drinks, green jelly, lychee, yummy tea tarik (I couldn’t resist!) and more. The staff here are so friendly and attentive and as I mentioned before, the food comes our hot, fresh and super quick. I digress..

Next on the menu we had our mains… I went for the standard curry laksa and the Boyf had the chicken curry. My laksa was delish. An amazingly tasty and thick curry sauce with vermicelli and egg noodles, lots of mung beans, broccoli, eggplant, chicken, fish cake and prawns. I gobbled as much as I could but failed to finish the huge bowl. The chicken curry was also yummy with delicate flavours and juicy chicken.

curry-laksa  chicken-curry

I’d say we were in and out in just over half an hour but we didn’t feel rushed at all. If you wanted to enjoy the atmosphere a little longer you could A) eat slower or B) order your entrees and then after they’ve arrived and you’ve finished them, order your mains. That way the mains won’t come out so quickly… And the break between courses won’t do you any harm!

All in all an exceptionally satisfying meal was had at Penang Road last Saturday and we will definitely be going back there again soon!

Jasmine x

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