Common Galaxia For The Win

I’ve said it before and I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but… Brunch is my fave meal of the day, hands down. I’d happily go out for brunch every day if money and calories weren’t an issue but such is life. My first trip to Common Galaxia was at least 18 months ago and aside from the outstanding coffee and service, the meal I chose was lack lustre. I ordered a mushroom dish that was drowning in truffle oil and was far too intense for me so I really didn’t enjoy it. Now, this could just be my own personal taste preference so I was more than happy to give Common Galaxia another shot when my friends Jess and Liam were visiting from Bendigo and wanted to try it out.

Common Galaxia is located in the bustling brunch spot of Seddon, surrounded by heaps of other cafes and restaurants, it’s become a very popular area in the last 10 years. House prices drove people out West and Seddon has taken this and run with it making the area a semi-hipster yet family friendly haven less than 7kms from Melbourne CBD.

I digress… Back to the food. The verdict, so glad I went back! It was second time lucky for this hip and happening wee gem. The service and coffee are still great and they have cold brew which is my dream drink (non-alcoholic dream drink obviously!). All of our food was outstanding and I enjoyed it so much I went back a couple of days later and had the same meal. I’m drooling thinking about it right now.


I had the smashed pumpkin on chia toast with chargrilled asparagus, hummus, feta and a poached egg. The pumpkin was deliciously smoky, the asparagus firm and juicy and the chia toast was the best gluten free bread I’ve tried. This dish definitely gives my fave at Pint of Milk a run for its money, check out that review here. Of course coffee was consumed, in excess – two cold brews and a long black to finish out the meal.


common-galaxia-seddonJess and Liam’s meals looked equally amazing. Jess had the baked eggs with chorizo and flat bread while Liam indulged his sweet tooth and went for the French toast served with banana vanilla custard, fresh berries and vanilla bean ice cream. The French toast was huge but Liam finished it with ease and reported back his absolute delight in consuming it. I’ve never been a sweets-for-breakfast kind of person but I had a bite of the French Toast and I could be converted!

All in all, I had a wonderful time, enjoyed great food and company and would give 10 out of 10 for this brunch experience. As I’m writing this pondering about what to have for lunch I’m thinking a drive to Common Galaxia is sounding pretty amazing right now!

Common Galaxia
Shop 3-4, 130 Victoria Street
Seddon  Vic  3011
Tel:  (03) 9689 0309

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